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C&A adopts GSDCost for responsible and transparent supply chain.

Published: June 9, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

-By Ankita Dutta.

Coats Digital has revealed that C&A, a European fashion retailer, has implemented its GSDCost solution to drive greater transparency and accuracy in its costing and capacity forecasting processes across its supplier network. The adoption of the GSDCost methodology that establishes international time benchmarks based on Standard Minute Values (SMVs) will enable vendor partners to offer precise cost-to-make quotations. C&A’s implementation of a standardised approach aims to deliver on the firm’s corporate social responsibility commitments while encouraging sustainable growth, which enhances its reputation for providing quality, affordable fashion. The lack of common practices resulted in inconsistent cost-to-make quotations and less transparency regarding sustainable practices among supplier networks. C&A aims to address this challenge through GSD Cost, which supports the creation of a transparent sourcing process that enables more collaboration and facilitates a holistic approach.

By adopting GSDCost, C&A aims to improve communication and collaboration between the brand and its vendors, which is crucial in creating a more transparent, connected, and profitable business model, while promoting sustainability and fair working practices. Coats Digital is recognised globally for its GSDCost methodology, which offers an established and widely accepted approach for analysing and pre-determining times in the sewn products industry. This supports more accurate cost predictions, fact-based negotiations, and efficient manufacturing processes at scale, improving agility, speed to market, efficiency, transparency, and sustainability.

C&A Sourcing Asia’s Lead Technical Cost, Nitin Kumar, mentioned being a member of ACT and having efforts towards enhancing transparency, responsibility, and sustainability in their supply chain. He further added that GSDCost can aid in standardizing the time management methodology and contribute to sustainable development with supply partners, bringing transparency to their sourcing process.

This solution has numerous benefits across the supply chain of fashion manufacturing, including the optimisation of ‘International Standard Time Benchmarks’ using standard motion codes and predetermined times supporting a more collaborative, transparent, and sustainable system. In addition, it assists customers in creating precise benchmarks for method, time, and cost, which aids in achieving sustainable clothing cost efficiency and manufacturing superiority.

Liv Zhang, Sales Director (Greater China), Coats Digital, highlighted the partnership with C&A, stating, “We are absolutely delighted to have partnered with C&A to introduce a scientific and objective method analysis process of costing and sourcing. GSDCost provides a way for companies to unify their Cost to Make (CM) data and improve cost negotiations across their supply chain. By implementing a standardised language to establish accurate benchmarks for production methods, times, and costs, C&A is promoting greater transparency and collaboration between themselves and their vendors. This initiative supports sustainable and fair working practices while also fostering profitable business for both parties. We are excited to work closely with C&A to ensure a successful roll-out of GSDCost throughout their supply chain, enabling them to keep pace with the evolving demands of their customers.

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