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-By Ankita Dutta.

The Seal of Cotton trademark has been used for 50 years. That span of time was filled with numerous memories, many of which were created while wearing cotton clothing. And Cotton Incorporated wishes to commemorate that while also urging customers to search for the cotton seal as they are shopping since the items that display the symbol have the potential to create even more wonderful memories.

“Memories are Made in Cotton,” the latest Cotton Incorporated advertising campaign, has debuted on television and online. It demonstrates to viewers—especially Gen Z and millennials—how cotton clothing has endured and served as the foundation of all their favourite experiences. Additionally, it advises viewers to “go make more” memories by checking clothing labels for cotton.

Brands and producers can use the popularity of the Cotton Seal of Approval to their advantage in a variety of marketing initiatives, including packaging, point-of-sale displays, interactive digital experiences, and more. Interested businesses can obtain a licence from Cotton Incorporated for utilising the Seal of Cotton trademark on approved products. Users of the seal are associated with Cotton Incorporated’s consumer marketing and advertising activities, which result in millions of customer impressions across both television and the internet. It’s important to highlight that the sole prerequisite is the usage of cotton; there aren’t any fees or royalties.

According to Cotton Incorporated’s 2023 Seal of Cotton Survey, more than 8 in 10 customers (82 percent) say the seal gives them the impression that they can trust the product or brand connected with it. As a result, this might be a significant licencing agreement for apparel manufacturers. In addition, 81 percent of customers claim that a company that uses this emblem is assisting them in making wise purchasing decisions. And 79 percent of consumers feel it’s simpler to make purchases from companies that display the logo.

The capacity of consumers to recognise the seal stands out. According to Cotton Incorporated’s 2023 Seal of Cotton Consumer Research, 78% of customers are aware of the Seal of Cotton. Compared to other fibres, there is a lot more.

The Seal of Cotton trademark has grown in fame since it was established in 1973. If you want to use the Seal on your products, send an email to cottonworks@cottoninc.com.