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Ah, business casual, one of the style world’s great oxymorons and a thorn in the side of anyone forced to try to dress for it. Although not quite as confusing as its cousin, smart casual, this is a dress code that, on face value at least, simply doesn’t make sense. ‘Business’, after all, implies formality, and ‘casual’ the complete opposite.

In simple terms, business casual is a dress code often imposed upon office workers and professionals. It requires the individual to wear clothes that are more contemporary and less rigid than the traditional, old-school office attire of a suit, shirt and tie, while still looking professional and appropriate for work. In short, business casual is all about smart, tailored clothing worn in a way that is slightly more laid

For some workplaces that might mean wearing an unstructured suit with a shirt and no tie; for others, it might mean wearing a shirt tucked into chinos with Derbies. Unfortunately, and similarly to smart casual, there is no one way to dress business casual. There are numerous variations and approaches, and how smart you go ultimately depends on where exactly you work. I took six pictures and created three templates with it .Which Shows one with bags , second with tie , third posing by keeping their hands in the pockets .

– Urmi Mitra