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With an aim to resonate with the expressive younger generation, a fashion-forward innerwear brand Bummer introduces a new addition to its existing product line – Planet Love. This newly launched range is really exciting because it glows in the Dark, making it more eccentric and setting individuals apart. Keeping true to its vision, Bummer has successfully ensured that its products should be as comfortable and versatile as possible.

When it comes to fashion, nobody knows it better than the younger generation of today; they express themselves through fashion, they play with it, they alter it, and every time make a new trend out of it which will make them stand out the crowd. From styling baggy clothes to shimmery dresses at an evening party, millennials wanted to be the star of every event. Considering the same, this ‘Glow in the Dark innerwear has been carefully crafted to embrace the fashion choices of its patrons and celebrate their individuality. 

Speaking on the launch, Sulay Lavsi, Founder & CEO of Bummer, said, “We believe that our young crowd has constantly been craving new experiences to define their personality and cultivate their individuality. With this, we are excited to come up with our first ever Glow in the Dark collection, which is ultra-soft, breathable and eco-friendly; that will make people feel good inside out and help them discover and express who they are how they want to show up in society. The day we have finished designing our new product line, we all have stary eyes and are overwhelmed with joy that we have curated something unique that will be truly inspired by our customer’s authenticity.”

The evolution of the innerwear industry can be seen with the shift from basic cotton innerwear in black and white to bold colours, padded, push-up, printed, and lacy innerwear in different designs and colour combinations. In lieu of this, Bummer was founded by Sulay Lavsi in 2020; it has sold over 1L+ products since its launch, and nearly 30% of its sales have come from repeat purchases. Being accepted widely, the brand has been proactively launching new products to its existing collections. Through this, they are set to maintain their top position in the apparel and fashion industry. 

Starting Price Range: INR 549/-

Availability: https://bummer.in/