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Bringing Port Jefferson businesses together, “Village Vouge” presents a fashion show and fundraising event.

Published: April 24, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

-By Ankita Dutta

Funds were generated by the Greater Port Jefferson Chamber of Commerce and Fedora Lounge Boutique Hair Salon for the community by staging a fashion show titled “Vogue in the Village: A Village That’s Never Out of Fashion,” which is currently showing at Long Island’s The Theatre Three in Port Jefferson. Local companies, owners, and employees dressed up and styled their hair and cosmetics to participate. The funds raised will go towards subsequent years Port Jefferson Chamber of Commerce events. Adoptable Yorkies from were also highlighted on the broadcast. The event’s goal was to bring together the community and companies whilst having fun while encouraging local businesses.

Clients, staff members, and managers of local businesses donned cosmetics, styled their hair, and dressed in attractive apparel for the event. The goal was to have fun while promoting local companies and raise funds for the Port Jefferson Chamber of Commerce to organise such events in the future.

The occasion was a major success, with a large attendance. “We collaborate on the board with a lot of varied fundraising events, and all of our objectives are to have the community come together,” said Doug Quattrock, Theatre Three’s representative. So when she mentioned a fashion show, I said, ‘We’re going to have it here in the theatre.’

The fashion show was about more than just humans. Micco, a 6-year-old yorkie, and his mother, Candy, were also featured, and were available for adoption at The fashion show was an excellent combination of fashion, recreational activities, and charitable fundraising.

The event celebrated local businesses’ innovation and ability while also pulling the community together. It was the perfect chance for businesses to market their goods and services whilst having a good time. The event’s revenues will go a long way towards helping the Port Jefferson Chamber of Commerce with future events.

Long Island News 12 reported the event, which can be found at The story emphasises the value of supporting local businesses as well as how this occasion brought the community together. It also features the cute four-legged models who captivated the show.


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