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Brahmaputra Valley Film Festival 2023: 5 Major Attractions One Cannot Afford to Miss This Year

Published: December 11, 2023

The Brahmaputra Valley Film Festival (BVFF) occupies a unique and cherished space among filmmakers and film enthusiasts of Northeast India. Dedicated to championing good cinema and nurturing local filmmaking talent, the BVFF has served as a crucial bridge, connecting Northeast Indian filmmakers and talent with established personalities of the Indian film industry. Unlike any other film festival in the region, the BVFF boasts of a successful track record, steadily growing in stature without losing sight of its core mission.

Amazon Prime x BVFF

Beyond film screenings in various languages of India and the Northeast, the BVFF also prioritizes film education, shaping aspiring filmmakers of the Northeast through workshops conducted in collaboration with the prestigious Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune, dedicated masterclasses led by industry experts, interactive sessions, engaging quiz competitions, and many more opportunities. This comprehensive approach not only promotes Northeast Indian cinema, but also its cultural diversity, and stunning natural landscapes, attracting filmmakers from other parts of the country to consider these picturesque locations for their films and discover the regions hidden filmmaking talent.

Fuelled by the unwavering love and support of its loyal fans and well-wishers, the highly anticipated Brahmaputra Valley Film Festival (BVFF), returns with its 8th edition, after a three-year unintended break due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Scheduled to be held from December 14th to 17th at Jyoti Chitraban in Guwahati, Assam, the 8th edition promises to be bigger and better than ever. This year, cinephiles and filmmakers are in for a treat with a packed schedule brimming with exciting festivities celebrating the magic of cinema.

Here’s a quick guide of the most notable attractions that you just cannot afford to miss at BVFF 2023:

1. An Exciting Line-up of Highly Anticipated Films

The Brahmaputra Valley Film Festival (BVFF) takes pride in its commitment to diversity, evident in its meticulously curated selection of films which includes short, documentary and feature films. This year, from over 200 submissions, the selection committee has handpicked 30 interesting titles of 10 different languages of India to grace the silver screen across the festivals four-day run.

Among the films that are being planned for screening in the various competition and non-competition sections of the festival includes, Footprints on Water directed by Nathalia Syam and starring Adil Hussain in the lead role, Kooki by Pranab J Deka, Jiya by Kenny Basumatary, Jnanada – Reflection of Light & Shade by Bobbeeta Sharma, Mask Art of Majuli by Utpol Barpujari, Nine Hills One Valley by Haobam Paban Kumar and Before Spring by Shrutismriti Changkakoti, Mariam by Arvind Pratap, Valli by Manoj Shinde, Sangi-Gai by Nyago Ete among others.

Films like Footprints on Water, Mask Art of Majuli and Nine Hills One Valley have already won several national and international recognitions. Before Spring by Shrutismriti Changkakoti was also part of the recently concluded Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival, 2023.

2. BVFF Masterclass Series by Prakash Jha, Krishna DK and Ketki Pandit

This years BVFF Masterclass series features Prakash Jha, renowned for his impactful storytelling in films like Gangajal, Rajneeti, Arakshan, Satyagraha, among others, Krishna DK known for movies and series like Go Goa Gone, Family Man, Farzi, and Ketki Pandit, Associate Professor of Screenplay writing at the prestigious Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune. These sessions will provide direct access to the knowledge, experience, and insights of the seasoned filmmakers, allowing aspiring creators to learn from the best in the business. Whether its mastering technical aspects of filmmaking or scriptwriting, or understanding the nuances of directing and storytelling, the resource persons are ready to offer the right guidance and practical tips that can significantly enhance ones filmmaking skills.

3.Immerse Yourself in Filmmaking: 3-Day Workshop at BVFF 2023

BVFF 2023 presents an exciting opportunity to delve deep into the world of filmmaking with a 3-day workshop on ‘Introduction to Filmmaking’. This intensive program, conducted in collaboration with the prestigious Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune, will be led by Dr. Milind Damle, an esteemed Associate Professor of the institute with a wealth of experience. Dr. Damle will guide participants on an in-depth journey through the various stages of the filmmaking process, offering invaluable insights and practical knowledge. From pre-production planning and scriptwriting to directing, shooting, and post-production, this workshop will equip interested participants with the fundamental skills and understandings which are necessary to embark on a filmmaking journey.

4. Amazon Prime Video Pitch at Your Doorstep

BVFF 2023 has taken a great step by partnering with Amazon Prime Video, offering a special platform for filmmakers from Northeast India. This collaboration grants them the incredible opportunity to directly pitch their ideas to the executives of the leading OTT platform, potentially revolutionizing the landscape for independent filmmakers in the region. Gone are the days of distant dreams and limited access. BVFF bridges the gap, empowering filmmakers with a direct avenue to showcase their pitches and projects to decision-makers at Amazon Prime Video. The future of Northeast cinema now rests in the hands of its passionate filmmakers.

5. Post Screening Interactive Sessions and Panel Discussions

Along with the mentioned list of film personalities and professionals above, BVFF 2023 will be also graced by esteemed personalities such as Tanuja Chandra, Leena Yadav, Adil Hussain, Ronnie Lahiri, Harshad Nalawade, Miransha Naik, Paban Haobam Kumar, Sanjay Bhutiani, among others who will take part in the interactive sessions and panel discussions.

BVFF to give independent filmmakers an opportunity to showcase their work at BVFF

Following film screenings, interactive Q&A sessions will be held, inviting viewers to express their thoughts, ask questions, and directly interact with the filmmakers. This will provide an opportunity for the audiences to engage with the filmmakers in a meaningful dialogue beyond the screen. Meanwhile, the panel discussions will tackle topics like: challenges of producing and marketing independent films, strategies for navigating the film festival circuit, decoding the elements of a blockbuster film, and charting the path forward for Assamese cinema and its potential for growth.

So, prepare yourself to embark on a vibrant cinematic journey at BVFF 2023, where cinematic diversity reigns supreme with multiple screenings, parallel sessions and representation of diverse culture, perspectives, genres, and storytelling styles and witness captivating stories unfold right before your eyes. The details of all the activities, sessions and workshops are available on the website of BVFF.

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