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Boohoo Joins the Barbie Bandwagon

Published: July 13, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

In anticipation of the upcoming “Barbie the Movie,” global e-tailer Boohoo has collaborated with Barbie to release a limited-edition capsule collection. The collection features a total of 39 styles, including both accessories and ready-to-wear pieces, with sizes available ranging from 0 to 24. The items are priced between $8 and $65, offering affordability and accessibility to a wide range of customers. The collection is set to be available for purchase on Thursday through Boohoo’s website,

Boohoo’s partnership with Barbie adds to the growing list of collaborations between fashion brands and the iconic doll. Barbie has long been a cultural icon, known for her fashion-forward style and influence on pop culture. By teaming up with Boohoo, a popular and trend-driven online retailer, Barbie continues to extend her presence in the fashion industry and engage with a new generation of consumers.

The capsule collection is expected to showcase a range of playful and stylish designs, capturing the essence of Barbie’s timeless appeal. The collaboration aims to bring the beloved doll’s iconic fashion sense to life, allowing customers to channel their inner Barbie through the diverse and inclusive range of sizes available.

Boohoo’s collaboration with Barbie highlights the brand’s commitment to offering affordable and on-trend fashion to a wide audience. By partnering with a globally recognized and beloved brand like Barbie, Boohoo is likely to generate excitement among fashion enthusiasts and fans of the iconic doll alike.

As the latest addition to the growing trend of fashion collaborations with Barbie, Boohoo’s limited-edition capsule collection is set to offer customers a chance to embrace their own sense of style and celebrate the timeless allure of Barbie through accessible and affordable fashion.

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