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Westside has a vision – to design & deliver 22 fashion brands that are authentic, trusted for trend, offer exceptional value and sell it in an environment that offers an overall experience. Their Customer Promise is – First Price. Right Price. With a collection that’s self-assisted, curated with fashion solutions highlighting incredible value and edited monthly launches. They are famous for Our Point of View as it comes alive through our backwalls & ‘See It Buy It’. The tables drive Seasonal Statement Lines that excite with style and value. Our service is efficient, our space is easy to navigate and our returns policy is simple and customer friendly. They are confident, optimistic, colourful and have a youthful spirit. Finding the right size is always a problem for most women when they are shopping lingerie for women. And if you do find the right size, it might not be the style you want.

Everyone wants to own that stylish and sexy bra panty set that fits perfectly and looks phenomenal. Also, a lingerie set can have a generic set size which might not work for everybody. So, to solve all of these problems, Westside are bringing you the One Size Fits All bra, a stylish and comfortable new design which moulds itself to all kinds of bodies. So, now, when you are shopping for lingerie for women or looking to buy a lingerie set, the One Size Fits All is definitely going to be your new go-to choice for lingerie. Interview Tell us about your journey in Westside. We know about the different roles that you have successfully essayed. Tell us about the key learning of working and heading all these different departments.

Umashan Naidoo

Working in retail has always been a dream – Westside as a modern Indian brand celebrates
fashion and we relish our Indian-ness. When it comes to the work here, I am most passionate
about product, customer, and experience. My journey here has taught me that these three
aspects remain key in giving our customers a good experience, overall.

Tell us about your new product range: A one size fits all bra
As the name suggests One Size Fits All is an innerwear range that that adapts to the body
regardless of fluctuations in weight, body size, and shape. The range includes a bra and a brief.
The idea behind this innerwear is to promote virtues of inclusivity, self-love, and body positivity
that is in line with the brand’s values. Additionally, customers often get frustrated when
selecting the right size of bra or brief – with One Size Fits All that issue is eliminated.

Coming to the details of the innerwear – the material used is Polyamide Spandex, a soft silky
fabric that is very comfortable. The bra and the brief are valued at the price of Rs. 899 and Rs.
399, respectively.

How was your experience of collaborating with a Bollywood celebrity like Sameera Reddy
who already has a distinct fan base? What innovative ideas or ways of working did she bring
to the project?

Partnering with Sameera Reddy is so organic. Sameera has a great sense of humour, she is
generous with her time, and her energy is vibrant, super infectious – so the environment
doesn’t feel like work when having her around. Her values align with the values of our brand.
Westside designs and delivers fashion consciously making style effortless for every moment,
Sameera is the perfect embodiment of this value system. She is a voice for style, confidence,
and our version of the modern working mother. She gives the brand the opportunity to celebrate women and engage with a community of like-minded people. Together, we create authentic content that resonates with the brand and the customers. This collaboration has been 100% a team effort.

What is your take on Body Image Positivity and how does Westside support this vision
Both, Westside and Sameera want to create safe spaces for women where people can share
their stories, learn something and be proud of who they are. At Westside, we make clothes for
modern Indian women who love fashion. We curate our trends researching the catwalks, looking at global and local bench marks and take the time to edit collections considering form, fit, and function. We ensure that everyone feels comfortable in what they wear – we encourage confidence and body positivity through fashion.

Body Positivity issues generally come in after pregnancy or motherhood for women. How
does your product support this and endorse it in a positive way?

Inclusivity is one of Westside’s key values, and this product is an embodiment of that value. When it comes to pregnancy and motherhood, fluctuations in weight are most likely. This is one of the scenarios wherein One Size Fits All comes as a handy product. As it would fit the mother– pre, during, and post pregnancy regardless of weight gain or loss. One Size Fits All encourages self-acceptance and body positivity and eliminates all limitations to beauty and size.

Nowadays there are many plus size brands and plus size models coming ahead for the cause
of body positivity. Does Westside have a certain range of products for promoting this?

Yes, reiterating our value of inclusion – we do have a range especially for plus size. Our brand
GIA celebrates curvy women. As a lifestyle brand, we are always ensuring relevance is at the
top of what we do – so we offer women looks that are stylish and trendy. We confidently tell
our story through our products.

What is your global vision for body positivity and how do you intend to spread it using the

Body positivity challenges the present day social construct of beauty standards. One Size Fits All
is an innovative comfortable innerwear product that carries a larger message to all women. The
innerwear is our messenger in spreading the word of loving oneself and being authentic.

Do you work for any other social cause and how do you use your profits/ funds for this

Yes, we have many beautiful CSR and community projects.
Hopbear – Hop Bears are soft toys sold in Westside stores that are produced from recycled and
tested children’s wear fabric. This initiative’s goals are twofold: 1) Material Circularity – reusing
fabrics that would otherwise be discarded; 2) Social Impact – Each HOP Bear purchased covers
the cost of a daily meal for disadvantaged children for three months. We have partnered with
The Akshay Patra Foundation’s Mid-Day Meal Program to feed up to 1000 students from
Gujarat’s primary government schools.

Bag of love – is a Westside x Bhansali Trust initiative, building a sustainable eco-system for
recycled fabric & empowering rural women with fair employment.