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Boddess Beauty Introduces ‘The Honest Tree’: A Clean, Vegan Bath and Body Brand Revolutionizing Indian Self-Care

Published: December 4, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Boddess Beauty, a leading omni-channel multi-brand retailer in India, is redefining the beauty and wellness sector with the launch of its private label, ‘The Honest Tree.’ This clean and vegan bath and body brand, crafted in India, aims to transform the shower experience for every individual. Rooted in nature, The Honest Tree’s product range, including body butters, body milks, sorbets, and cleansers, is ethically sourced and free from sulphates and parabens.

The brand’s commitment extends beyond skincare to fostering a holistic self-care ritual. The Honest Tree’s six distinct ranges are designed to elevate every Indian’s shower routine, offering therapeutic solutions for modern-day challenges such as anxiety, stress, and insomnia through the art of aromatherapy. Recognizing the impact of pollution and humidity on Indian skin, the brand introduces an exclusive treatment-based range to address concerns like back acne, providing consumers the freedom to embrace their skin while prioritizing its health.

Mansi Sharma, Founder of The Honest Tree, emphasized, “With a deep understanding of the Indian market and consumer needs, The Honest Tree has meticulously curated a range of budget-friendly products, harnessing the very essence of nature to offer a transcendent self-care ritual.”

Ritika Sharma, Founder and CEO of House of Beauty/Boddess, expressed excitement about the brand’s foray into bath and body care, stating, “At Boddess Beauty, we staunchly believe in delivering the finest products and choices to our valued customers. The Honest Tree encapsulates our core values, and we anticipate that the experience it offers will empower buyers to lead a more balanced and enriched life.”The Honest Tree not only focuses on physical revitalization but also emphasizes a profound sense of peace—from skin to mind. By introducing a sensorial journey through aromatherapy in its bath and body offerings, the brand encourages a digital detox, creating an immersive experience for consumers.

In the dynamic landscape of beauty and wellness, Boddess Beauty’s introduction of The Honest Tree signifies a commitment to offering Indian consumers a homegrown brand that competes with global counterparts. The brand aims to redefine self-care, providing an experience that goes beyond skincare, aligning with the evolving preferences of discerning consumers.

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