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Beyoncé Ends Adidas Collaboration for Ivy Park, Focusing on Independence

Published: January 16, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Reports indicate that Beyoncé and Adidas have decided to part ways on their collaboration for Ivy Park due to differences in creative direction between the singer and the company.

The acclaimed singer is determined to rebuild her brand independently and follow her own creative path, aiming to retain full control over her artistic vision, as per the reports.

Initially created with Topshop in 2016, Ivy Park became solely owned by Beyoncé after her collaboration with Topshop ended in 2018. She subsequently joined forces with Adidas in 2016 to expand Ivy Park’s product line beyond athletic wear, introducing shoes and apparel.

Recently, Beyoncé unveiled Ivy Park’s upcoming collaboration with Adidas, named Park Trail, during her private performance in Dubai. Around the same time, singer Ice Spice also teased glimpses from her fashion partnership with Ivy Park.

The new Park Trail collection includes a range of performance wear such as jackets, faux fur coats, tracksuits, and hoodies. Described in a press release as a forward-thinking expression of performance wear inspired by the resilience of the outdoors, urban spirit, and future possibilities.

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