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Barbie costume designer Jacqueline Durran on vintage Chanel, Ken’s trousers and styling the summer blockbuster.

Published: June 16, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

-By Mokshika Chauhan

“Barbie truly is interlinked with style, since how you play with her is by dressing her,” says outfit fashioner Jacqueline Durran. ” Her medium of expression is clothing. Greta Gerwig asked Durran back for her next project, Little Women, after she won an Oscar for it. kitting out a whole Barbie world. Durran, a Londoner, noticed that the process was different from her previous projects: Because Barbie’s attire does not originate from within, you do not treat her like a regular character.

In fact, Barbie is practical. The principal quality of what she wears is where she’s going and what she’s doing,” Durran makes sense of. ” It all comes down to dressing for your job or task. Since each doll comes with a fashion pack, Barbie needs a dress, playsuit, bag, hat, shoes that are appropriate, and accessories to go to the beach. These outfits evolve and change based on what’s going on in Barbie Land.

“So Malibu Barbie is key” refers to Gerwig’s film’s central location on the beach. Durran, on the other hand, gave the doll a retro twist by drawing inspiration from Brigitte Bardot’s ideal beach babe doll from the 1950s and 1960s instead of a direct copy of the original. One of roughly fifteen color combinations “that riffed off the idea of a French Riviera beach in the early 1960s” encompasses all of Barbie Land’s

Think dynamic triplets of amazing late spring pastels: ” light blue, bright blue, lavender; beige, orange, and green; pink, blue, and orange; “I had buyers going out every day looking for clothes in specific colors in every shop in London,” Durran claims. “two pinks and a yellow.”

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