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Balenciaga Unveils Exclusive Track ‘Patterns’ by Archive, Accessible via NFC Chip in Limited-Edition Apparel

Published: November 30, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Expanding the Balenciaga Music project, the French brand has introduced an exclusive 8.5-minute track titled “Patterns” by English band Archive. Accessible only via a near-field communication (NFC) chip embedded in the tag of limited-edition T-shirts and hoodies, users can scan the chip with their smartphones to enjoy the exclusive content. This marks a unique collaboration as Archive has never partnered with a fashion brand, and Balenciaga has never premiered music through a product before.

The associated apparel features a minimalist A graphic on the front and a list of Archive’s complete discography on the back. Archive, known for its diverse musical genres spanning electronic, trip-hop, post-rock, and progressive rock, adds a distinct artistic touch to Balenciaga’s fashion offerings.

In conjunction with the exclusive track release, Balenciaga presents a seven-hour playlist curated by Archive. Designed to be played in shuffle mode, the playlist, available on Balenciaga’s website under a new music tab, includes tracks from various artists such as Blur, Joy Division, Jane’s Addiction, Marvin Gaye, The Orb, Moderat, and Missy Elliott.

According to Darius Keeler, a founding member of Archive, Balenciaga’s commitment to “individuality and innovation” resonates with the band’s ethos. Demna, Balenciaga’s artistic director, emphasizes the significance of music in his life and the brand’s culture. Balenciaga Music, initiated in 2020, aims to offer a more personalized and immersive music experience by incorporating exclusive content and interactive technology.

This move builds on Balenciaga’s previous collaborations and playlists, showcasing the brand’s continuous exploration of the intersection between fashion, music, and innovative experiences. Balenciaga Music remains a platform for sharing artistic influences, personal tastes, and exclusive content, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to creativity and individual expression.

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