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Bal Bhavan Public School’s Annual Art and Science Exhibition “The Odyssey” Culminates with a Grand Closing Ceremony

Published: August 7, 2023

Bal Bhavan Public School marked the successful conclusion of its three-day-long annual art and science exhibition, “The Odyssey,” on 6 August 2023. The event showcased a remarkable display of talent and innovation, centered around the prestigious theme of G20 presidency. The closing ceremony, graced by the esteemed presence of Mr. Puneet Kumar, The Additional District Magistrate, was an unforgettable celebration of creativity and intellect.

Bal Bhavan Public Schools Annual Art and Science Exhibition “The Odyssey”

The evening commenced with an enthralling dance performance and a mesmerizing mime act presented by the incredibly talented students of the School. Their captivating expressions and graceful movements left the audience spellbound, setting the stage for an eventful evening.

The highlight of the ceremony was the Prize Distribution, a moment to recognize and reward outstanding achievers. Each winner was bestowed with a gleaming trophy and a commendation certificate, acknowledging their relentless efforts and exceptional talent. Among the winners, Ayush Dwivedi and Ayush Sarkar emerged as brilliant young innovators, receiving the coveted Young Innovators Award. Their remarkable project left an indelible mark on the exhibition, inspiring future generations of innovators to dream big. To encourage the spirit of innovation further, Ayush Dwivedi and Ayush Sarkar were not only awarded with the prestigious title but also received a generous cash prize of rupees 2100, a gesture aimed at fostering a culture of creativity and discovery among the young students.

In a gracious gesture of admiration and support, the school felicitated the young innovators behind the creation and launch of the Neeryaan rocket, taking inspiration from the successful Chandrayaan 3 mission. The Special Appreciation Award, presented to these gifted minds, symbolized the schools acknowledgment of their relentless pursuit of excellence and contribution to space exploration.

Bal Bhavan Public Schools Annual Art and Science Exhibition “The Odyssey”

As the curtains drew to a close, the school principal Mr. Vividh Gupta took the stage to express his heartfelt gratitude to all the participants, teachers, parents, and esteemed guests who made “The Odyssey” a resounding success. He praised the students boundless imagination and thanked the chief guest, Mr. Puneet Kumar, for gracing the event with his esteemed presence, motivating the budding minds.

“The Odyssey” annual art and science exhibition has undoubtedly been a remarkable journey of exploration and ingenuity, showcasing the remarkable potential of the young minds at Bal Bhavan Public School. The event served as a testament to the schools commitment to nurturing talent, fostering creativity, and promoting innovation.

The school is an elaborate tale of celebrating the very doctrine of education, since its inception in 1967. It is an established dream of late Sh. G. C. Lagan, the Founder Chairman, who was a true mason of ideas. With the passing years school has bloomed its branches amongst the alleys of Delhi, NCR region, where it not just secured dignified glories but is also attaining the pinnacle heights of success. Today the school has its five established branches under the alliance of Lagan Kala Upvan (a regd. Society).

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