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Metta Social, a social impact ecosystem and service, has been recognised for innovation at a recently concluded ESG Global and GRITS Awards Summit in Singapore. Metta Social was nominated and awarded under SDG 17 – ‘Partnership for Sustainable Development, to have implemented projects which showcase innovative solutions to enhance partnerships for the goals.

The ESG World Summit and GRIT Awards, organized by CorpStage and ESG Research Foundation, aim to widen and deepen sustainability impacts. The Growth, Resilience, Intention and Innovation, and Transcending GRIT Awards, recognise outstanding companies making strides towards a sustainable world through impactful Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices. The awards are presented after three rounds of robust evaluation over 90 days.

Honoring this moment, Mr. Vishal Naik, Co-founder and CEO of Metta Social, said, “This is a great achievement for us as we are still at a very nascent stage. Metta Social is committed to doing large-scale projects to empower society with Environment, Sustainability and Governance to collaborate and create a positive impact. On behalf of Metta Social, I’d like to warmly thank the jury for the recognition and congratulate all the other awardees, finalists, and contenders.”

Mr. Iftekhar Pathan, Co-founder and President, Strategy & Partnerships, said, “Metta Social is an ecosystem that governs through a holistic SDG-led framework to strategically transform the CSR mission of an organization. Metta Social develops a strategic approach to ensure the philanthropists and the social change makers are facilitated with a fool-proof ecosystem, to govern large-scale projects for the society to benefit.”

Metta Social continues to innovate to advance the social ecosystem with technology solutions to meet with the varied requirements of the social projects. The company’s offerings include connecting with multi-stakeholders communities and leveraging the power of giving.

Packed with 360-degrees integrated digital solutions, Metta Social ecosystem helps Donors, Non-Profit Organizations, Service Partners and Individuals to raise funds acquire the right resources and build a Sustainable, Scalable and Transparent Impact creation methodology.