At the College of Creative Studies, designs for clothing & accessories coexist on the runway.

Published: May 15, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain

More than two hundred people attended this fourth edition of The Show, which attracted both domestic and foreign recruiters from brands like Bottega Veneta, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Kate Spade, and Coach.

Since the program’s founding in 2015, CCS has gained recognition as the university with the biggest and best-equipped fashion accessory design department in the country, thanks to the guidance of renowned worldwide footwear designer Aki Choklat. He pushed to include clothing design in the curriculum, and in 2022 he hired German designer Rey Pador to supervise the creation of clothing.

Although this is the first presentation to fully mix accessories and apparel design, the design and materiality of the clothing unavoidably included many of the techniques used in the construction of footwear, such as leatherwork and the usage of hardware.

By combining vintage fabrics and clothing with obvious rips, stains, and wear, Gabriel Armelin created exaggerated shapes in denim and jersey that drew inspiration from early 2000s streetwear and Japanese rock art.

The senior’s approach to creating clothes was influenced by music and his experience painting and sculpting. He used repurposed materials and discovered artifacts, mostly from junkyards, to create an eclectic collection full of colorful, childish imagination.

Mamie Scholl’s “Shifted Lines” explored the dramatic shift in dynamics between women and the workforce during World War II, drawing inspiration from the uniforms of female welders, machinists, riveters, and pilots. Maureen Rossman’s collection “These Are My Friends” explored the internal conflicts people have with the darker corners of their minds through a thoughtfully designed arrangement of leather harnesses and shoes.

In addition a large number of sophomore students, such as Izzy Abohasira, whose designs told the tale of a Detroit-based fictional spirit whose descent into evil is reflected in the sharp lines, exaggerated shoulders, and combination of faux snakeskin and feathers.

In “Towanda,” sophomore student Veronica Wardowski pays homage to the women’s motorcycle clubs of the 1960s. She honors the underappreciated contributions made by women to motorcycle culture with a collection that centers strength and empowerment through expertly sculpted pieces that mimic bulging arms and legs and the use of leather silhouettes adorned with belts, pouches, and silver hardware.

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