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Ranbir Kapoor Sahni has benefited more from being a star child than has Riddhima Kapoor Sahni. She has a thriving career as a jewelry designer and entrepreneur. Jewelry designer Riddhima stole the stage when she unveiled her line during the current London Fashion Week. London Fashion Week in the spring/summer 2023 season was unlike any other. Riddhima kicked off the occasion for renowned British fashion designer Helen Anthony. The Indian influencer and jewellery designer walked the runway for the first time ever on a global scale. Riddhima opened the presentation wearing both her own designs and those of Anthony.

This exhibition, which debuted on September 19 at the Parckcro in London, included one-of-a-kind jewellery created by Riddhima X Punjab Jeweller together with attire designed by Anthony. Both companies collaborated to revitalise the remarkable design legacies of their respective regions and to promote a craft exchange on this well-known global platform. Riddhima shared a

lot of photos and videos from the event on her Instagram account.

Riddhima made her runway debut while escorting a young toddler and both were decked out in sequins. In addition, Riddhima was wearing a stunning uncut diamond necklace from her collection. For designer Helen Anthony, she later strode down the runway in a huge long coat and coordinating leggings.

On Saturday, while her daughter walked the runway for British fashion designer Helen Anthony, Neetu Kapoor took on the role of her daughter’s cheerleader. Additionally, this is the first time the jewelry designer has shown off her works to a worldwide audience.