Archroma introduces sustainable water-repellent technology for apparel fabrics.

Published: May 14, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Archroma has developed a new bio-based DWR finish for apparel that is soft, durable, and sustainable. This innovation allows mills and brands to create garments with enhanced rain and stain protection while maintaining a positive environmental impact.

PHOBOTEX® NTR-50 LIQ is a water-repellent designed for all types of fibers, providing a soft feel without yellowing or chalk marking. It works well on synthetic fibers and blends, making it suitable for clothing, outdoor gear, and home textiles. The DWR contains 50% renewable carbon, is PFAS and formaldehyde-free, and does not require a crosslinker for use. It offers good wash durability and can be paired with a crosslinker for increased resistance to washing and dry-cleaning.

Archroma is focused on driving the fashion and textile industry towards sustainability with its ‘Planet Conscious’ innovation. The new PHOBOTEX® NTR-50 LIQ uses renewable feedstock to create a high-quality DWR that is cost-efficient and offers a softer feel than other products on the market. This allows brands to provide consumers with effective protection against rain, splashes, and stains in fabrics that are more comfortable and durable. The PHOBOTEX® NTR-50 LIQ also ensures reproducible performance and high production safety, making it ideal for mills dealing with running issues. Additionally, textiles treated with this durable water repellent qualify for the High IQ® Repel assurance program, guaranteeing performance, protection, comfort, and meeting strict environmental standards.

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