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-By Mansi Suryavanshi.

In collaboration with UK-based designer Emilia Wickstead, fashion designer Anamika Khanna produced a dress for Bollywood star Sonam Kapoor. On May 7, Kapoor wore the patterned dress to the UK’s Coronation Concert.

“Historic moments call for fashion moments,” Kapoor said on Facebook on Sunday. “I’m honored to wear the joint creation of two of the most incredible designers from the two countries I’m lucky to call home, Anamika Khanna and Emilia Wickstead, to mark the unforgettable occasion of the Coronation Concert.”

At King Charles III’s Coronation Concert, Sonam Kapoor gave a spoken word performance to introduce Steve Winwood and the Commonwealth virtual choir. For the event, Kapoor donned a floor-length white gown with artistic plant motifs all over it. 

According to Vogue India, Wickstead created the dress itself, while Khanna created the print, which was inspired by calico. Although Kapoor has collaborated with both designers on a piece before, she has worked closely with them both over the years and wore many of their creations. 

Nikhil Mansata, a fashionista and Kapoor friend, organized the cooperation. Sonam Kapoor is a popular candidate to participate in the performance as she splits her time between Mumbai, India, and London, UK. She has established herself as a familiar figure on both nations’ fashion scenes.