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Amy Abrams, owner of Manhattan Vintage Show, has been named one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People

Published: July 21, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Amy Abrams, a prominent figure in New York City’s vintage scene, has garnered recognition as one of the most creative leaders in business this year by Fast Company. Included in the magazine’s esteemed Most Creative People list, which features 54 innovators from various industries, Abrams is lauded for her exceptional creativity and determination in reimagining and revitalizing the 20-year-old Manhattan Vintage Show.

The Manhattan Vintage Show is a highly anticipated annual event that brings together a diverse range of vintage vendors from across the United States. Spanning two days, the expo showcases textiles, accessories, and apparel, attracting a vibrant and eclectic crowd, including fashion influencers and retro enthusiasts from all over the city.

Abrams’ innovative approach to retooling and reviving the show has earned her this well-deserved recognition. Her dedication to preserving and promoting vintage fashion, sustainability, and self-expression shines through in the event. In a press statement, Abrams described the Manhattan Vintage Show as a celebration of vintage style, while also emphasizing its role in championing creativity, empowering entrepreneurs, and fostering vibrant communities where in-person connectivity, commerce, and innovation thrive.

Being acknowledged as one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People is a testament to Abrams’ influence and impact on the vintage scene in New York City. Her efforts have not only contributed to the success of the Manhattan Vintage Show but have also propelled the vintage fashion industry forward, inspiring others to embrace the beauty and uniqueness of timeless fashion.

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