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You must follow Instagrammer Amaka Hamelijnck if you appreciate casual elegance with a dash of refinement. Amaka was born in the Netherlands, but she has strong Nigerian roots that are reflected in her style choices as she combines Dutch minimalism with vibrant Nigerian colours and patterns. 200K people follow her on Instagram because of her distinctive sense of style, and she frequently provides her followers with fashion and lifestyle inspiration.

Amaka’s fondness of layering is one aspect of her fashion sense that sticks out right away. Amaka expertly combines various textures and materials to produce a well-coordinated and fashionable ensemble, wearing everything from oversized blazers and cardigans to chunky knit sweaters. She doesn’t hesitate to combine prints and patterns to create a strong yet elegant style.

Amaka spends a lot of time travelling, so it’s obvious how her travels have inspired the way she dresses. Amaka’s wardrobe is always versatile, allowing her to dress for any environment, from the streets of Amsterdam to the beaches of the Philippines. Her beachwear frequently incorporates vibrant hues, which she combines with airy, light materials like linen or cotton to provide a relaxed, carefree appearance. to finish her

Amaka’s relaxed street style combines current and vintage pieces to represent her distinctive personal style. It is effortless yet stylish. She frequently chooses to match a fitted or cropped blouse with loose-fitting trousers or denim to create a casual yet fashionable look. Amaka also enjoys adding layers to her clothes, frequently donning a statement coat for a splash of colour or a denim or leather jacket over her blouses. She typically wears casual trainers or boots, accessorising with eye-catching necklaces, bangles, and earrings to add flair to her ensembles. Amaka generally wears a cool, relaxed, and effortlessly elegant street style.

Amaka is a fashion influencer, therefore her opinion is priceless. She advises her fans to experiment with layering to add depth and interest to their outfits and to invest in adaptable pieces that can be worn in a variety of ways. Her sense of style proves that you don’t have to choose between comfort and style; you can have both.

Be sure to follow Amaka Hamelijnck on Instagram if you’re looking for original and useful fashion inspiration.