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Artificial intelligence refers to intelligence exhibited by robots as opposed to natural intelligence demonstrated by animals such as humans. Most individuals grew up believing that artificial intelligence will only be seen in movies. As it turns out, AI is real, and it can benefit us more than we could have imagined. We as humans often make mistakes in our regular tasks, especially in the industry of fashion. We may overlook a stitch or two in the sewing room or cut the cloth incorrectly and have to start over on a garment that has already taken days to finish, generating stress and dissatisfaction in the manufacturing department. This is where artificial intelligence comes in. Fashion and artificial intelligence are a new combination that will undoubtedly thrive in the next years.

AI is being used in the design process by fashion firms all around the world. Customers’ data is collected in order to determine what is best for them. They assist consumers in selecting clothing based on fabric, colour, and style desire. When people play this function, many of their own preferences influence how they assist others. AI, for example, has no “preferred colour.”
They will only select what is beneficial for the consumer. They assist clients in designing exactly
what they imagine in their heads, and it is revolutionising the way the fashion industry develops
fully individualised items. AI will get you precisely what you desire, whether it’s a work suit or
embroidered t-shirts.

When it comes to buying clothes, both in-store and online, artificial intelligence has made
Virtual Reality a success. Anyone seeking for a certain garment or shoe may communicate with
an AI helper to locate what they want.

Smart mirrors are being used by fashion businesses to provide clients with an exceptional
experience. Customers may virtually try on different outfits and shoes by seeing through the
mirror, eliminating the need for changing rooms. Customers get the greatest appearance
possible by comparing numerous items side by side and modifying the colours to determine
which shade best complements their skin tone, body shape, and what creates a better match
for an outfit.

Trend forecasting is a discipline that focuses on predicting the future of a market. Thus, fashion
forecasting is the part of the fashion industry concerned with predicting future fashion trends
that will spark consumer interest—colours, styling techniques, fabric textures, and so on. Some
argue that technology will be everyone’s doom, yet in the fashion sector, there is only space for
progress. AI reduces the amount of mistakes, shows the firm and its consumers what is in style,
and helps anticipate what will be in style in the future. Overall, artificial intelligence will maintain fashion on top of its game, ensuring that we all look our best. Artificial intelligence has the potential to be a game changer for fashion firms. It will enable speedier customer service, better user experiences in the shop, and more environmentally friendly company operations. The future of fashion appears to be bright.