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AI-driven models, designs, and shows are revolutionizing the world of high-tech fashion.

Published: May 10, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

-By Ankita Dutta

The world of fashion is continuously evolving, and technology has played a significant role in bringing about this change. From digital designs to high couture NFTs and Metaverse fashion weeks, the fashion industry has already begun to explore new horizons. However, with the buzz around Artificial Intelligence or AI, the fashion industry is ready to take a giant leap into the world of AI-tinted glasses.

AI democratizes the fashion landscape by allowing creators to generate their versions of fashion shows, and high-couture brands are using AI to create models for their products. According to Yoon Kyung Lee, lead author of a South Korea-based study titled “Exploring the Relationship Between Fashion and AI,” in the future, anyone can become a creator or designer with the help of AI, making fashion accessible and inclusive. Professional fashion designers have only been able to design and showcase clothes. Still, with AI, people can design the clothes they want and showcase their creativity.

Malik Afegbua, an AI creator, demonstrated the potential of extended reality (XR) visuals by designing a bold and maximalist senior citizen fashion show. In another instance, a celebrated denim brand launched a new promotional campaign by using AI to generate a model representing the South Asian community to promote inclusivity and diversity.

Likewise, an international fashion outlet honored traditional and innovative designs by featuring AI-generated models dressed in traditional clothing on their cover.

In NYC, an AI fashion week recently debuted at Soho’s Spring Studios. Participants submitted a collection of 15-30 digitally created looks, displayed on 24 screens that created “runway” images created using various imaging software. An AI-controlled multi-sensory couture event was held at the Theatre of Digital Art in Dubai.

The use of AI in fashion brings a new kind of fashion experience. It blends computer vision, machine learning, and collaboration with humans and creates new possibilities and designs. With AI, fashion creators can dive deep into styles and predict trends much earlier than before. AI can also be used in the sampling procedure to create prototypes without wasting fabric, time, and money. Besides, it allows individuals with physical disabilities to design and create their clothing, making the fashion industry more inclusive than ever.

AI is the future of fashion, shaping a new era of fashion design, creation, and innovation. Innovations around AI are not slowing down, and it’s exciting to see how creativity will evolve in the upcoming years. The fashion industry will continue to move forward, making fashion more accessible and inclusive for everyone.

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