Published: November 10, 2022
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Neuron Energy, a supplier of Lithium-Ion and Lead-Acid batteries for the EV sector in India, has extended their product range with the launch of its own golf carts under the brand name “Adler” as a part of its Green Technology Initiative. Adler provides a variety of golf carts for personal travel, freight, leisure, and medical assistance. It aims to cater to golf courses, hotels, resorts, malls. With this new product offering, Neuron Energy aims to venture into the Middle East market through exports.

The golf carts will be powered by Neuron’s lithium-ion batteries which include GPRS tracker and remote assistance. Neuron lithium golf cart batteries have been actively used at IIT Mumbai campus, Oxford Golf and Country Club Resort. So far, the company has supplied the golf carts to Radisson Blu, Karjat and Godrej Trees in Vikhroli, Mumbai

As the world increasingly looks for ways to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels, electric vehicles are becoming an increasingly attractive option. Golf carts are a particularly promising area for electric vehicle adoption, as they offer a number of advantages over traditional gas-powered carts. Electric golf carts are more efficient and emit no pollutants, making them much better for the environment. They’re also quieter than gas-powered carts, which can be a major advantage on golf courses. Electric carts also have the potential to be cheaper to operate than gas-powered carts in the long run, as they don’t require regular maintenance or fuel costs.

On the launch of this product, Pratik Kamdar, Co-Founder, Neuron Energy says, “With rising eco-consciousness among people to shift to a sustainable and eco-friendly living, Electric Vehicle adoption has substantially picked up pace. In order for electric vehicles to truly make an impact, there needs to be a holistic system that needs to be in place whether it’s the charging infrastructure or easy availability of good quality yet moderately priced batteries. As a company our vision has always been to provide the best-in-class products to our customers, and we have been working on developing a comprehensive network of batteries and spares needed to support electric vehicles.

Additionally, we’ve been focussed on revolutionizing the automobile sector laterally and our expansion into the low-speed electric vehicles space manifests the same.

Adler golf carts are a part of our Green Technology Initiative with a whole new vertical integrated under the brand. We always aim to cater to as many segments as possible and we are hopeful that with Adler, we will be able to transition multiple avenues from airports to residentials to malls, hotels, etc. to zero carbon footprint zones.”

Adler Golf Carts will be directly sold by Neuron Energy and are already available in the market.

About Adler

After the success story of building a brand ‘Neuron’ over the past decade in green energy solutions with State-of-the-art technology, our path of excellence has begun with the further expansion of green electric vehicles in the market. We are consistently gaining people’s attention with our exemplary service and creating an impregnable alliance with the target audience. That inspired us to achieve our goal of making eco-friendly green vehicles aimed to save the environment.

About Neuron: Neuron Energy was incorporated in the year 2018, having headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Neuron Energy intends to contribute significantly to the electric mobility landscape. Neuron provides lead-acid and lithium-ion technology batteries for E-Bike, E-Rickshaws, and Golf Carts. Neuron Energy has a large export and domestic network for sales in E-Bike batteries. Our Promoters, Mr. Pratik Kamdar, and Mr. Raj Shah have spearheaded our growth story. Neuron Energy has grown from having a presence only in Mumbai to having multiple Depots & Distributors across India. Neuron Energy has increased its export footprint to the Middle East, Europe, and South-East Asia.

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