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-By Ankita Dutta.

The Aditya College of Design tasked their students with the creative endeavour of fashioning garments befitting the theme of “Renaissance of Gothic Haute Couture,” specifically for the Mumbai showcase. In delving deeply into the tenets of Victorian tailoring and the intriguingly unique subculture of goths, these students ingeniously conceived a wide array of garments boasting strikingly dramatic silhouettes – ranging from crinoline gowns tailored for the discerning feminine form to suave, form-fitting suits perfectly suited for the masculine physiognomy. As an exceptional finale, the luminary and celebrated figure, Ritika Khatnani, Miss Supranational Asia 2022, took to the runway as the showstopper wearing a breathtakingly dramatic black hooded robe. As if that was not enough, she then proceeded to gradually shed this cloak to reveal a gorgeous, sparkling black, impeccably structured gown.

  Courtesy- Times Fashion Week Twitter Page
     Courtesy- Times Fashion Week Twitter Page

 As declared by Bombay Times Fashion Week through the medium of their Facebook page, Gothic Clothing can be accurately defined as a composition of extensive dresses or robes, adorned with layered skirts, fishnet tights, gloves donning the wearer’s fingers, and corsets that are tightly fastened, supplemented with silver oxidised jewellery. This assemblage of apparel is a reflection of a fashion aesthetic that exhibits an unmistakably and ominously gloomy aura, exuding a profound sense of mystique in its entirety. Furthermore, the quintessential hallmark of Gothic Clothing is the omnipresent use of the pitch-black hue in all its ensembles, which only augments the overall unsettling atmosphere that it seeks to exude.

The magnificent St Regis in Mumbai shimmered with a resplendent display of haute couture, courtesy of the iconic Bombay Times Fashion Week, skilfully orchestrated by the prestigious Times Group. This exquisite fashion-affair exhibited an unparalleled showcase of luxurious garments and accessories, specially curated by distinguished fashion houses that included the likes of Gulabo Jaipur, Salt Attire, Madame, and the esteemed International Institute of Fashion Design. The runway presentations were a sublime confluence of awe-inspiring collections, that transcended the boundaries of traditional fashion by exploring an expansive range of avant-garde designs infused with an array of both contemporary and traditional elements.