Adidas introduces SS24 Paris collection

Published: May 7, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Adidas launched the SS24 Paris collection for the 2024 clay season, including apparel and footwear to assist players in adapting to clay courts. The collection aims to promote Adidas’ Move for the Planet initiative.

The collection includes HEAT.RDY technology for breathability and lightweight fabric to maximize airflow on the court. It also features Adidas’ Freelift Construction for increased mobility, with a paneled fabric structure under the armpit for greater freedom of arm movement.

The collection features bold designs with striking color blocking and textured fabrics. Garments have white and black panels resembling tennis court lines, with orange accents for energy. Hero pieces for women include the Tennis HEAT.RDY Y-Dress Pro and Tennis HEAT.RDY Cropped Long-Sleeve Pro is designed for maximum mobility and comfort during high-pressure games.

Adidas has launched its SS24 Paris collection designed for the 2024 clay season, aimed at helping players adapt to clay court conditions. The 15-piece collection includes apparel and footwear featuring technologies such as HEAT.RDY for breathability and Freelift Construction for increased mobility. The collection has bold designs with color blocking and textured fabrics, inspired by tennis court lines. Key pieces for women include the Tennis HEAT.RDY Y-Dress Pro and the Tennis HEAT.RDY Cropped Long-Sleeve Pro, while men’s hero pieces include the Tennis HEAT.RDY FreeLift Henley Pro and Tennis HEAT.RDY FreeLift T-Shirt Pro. Adidas promotes collective change with the SS24 Paris collection, available for purchase starting April 1, 2024, on and app.

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