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According to Retviews, maxi dresses are the must-have item for spring.

Published: June 20, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

-By Mokshika Chauhan

Retviews just released the most recent study on the trends for spring 2023 (March-May). The analysis reveals a number of significant market dynamics, including: the preference for warm tones as the primary spring colors, the rising prominence of maxi dresses over mini dresses, and the rising popularity of linen clothing in wardrobes.

As temperatures rise, the market for summer clothing is experiencing a significant resurgence. With a 32% increase, jumpsuits are close behind, with shorts taking the lead. The demand for polos, dresses, and shirts has increased by 25%, while the demand for skirts has increased by 20%. As the sun sets in vibrant, warm tones, the three most common colors are yellow, pink, and orange. Beige, which has occupied a prominent position in color palettes throughout the year, is closely followed by purple, blue, and others.

In spring 2023, the market was more likely to buy Bermuda shorts (63%) than regular shorts. However, Zara and Mango have taken the opposite approach, with regular shorts (61%) outnumbering Bermuda shorts (39%) in their collections.

The remainder of the research compares the fashion and material trends of Zara and Mango to those of the market as a whole over the past two years. The findings reveal a consistent pattern in dress lengths from 2022 to 2023: While the maxi dress is gaining prominence and the midi dress is remaining stable, the little dress is losing ground. This shift is most evident at Zara, where the mini dress’s popularity decreased by 35% and the maxi dress’s popularity increased by more than 20% between the two seasons.

The mini dress from Zara costs 149 euros, while the maxi dress from the same brand costs 179 euros. On the other hand, Mango’s mini and maxi dresses each cost 240 euros, which is in line with the company’s pricing strategy. “Collaborations and limited edition collections,” according to Retviews, are to blame for these higher prices.

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