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From many years I was thinking that how to look good in every dress, Without extra effort. Again and again I was thinking that why do celebrities look good in every kinda cloth, Why can’t I look good in every type of clothing. Then one day I watched an interview of some famous celebrity on t. v, she was saying that everyone is different from another one and each person has a different personality, when we wear clothes according to our personality we feels comfortable and looks good. From that day I started out finding my own personal style like what do I like and dislike, what looks good on me and worst on me, what is my own fashion style & how can I look good always in every kinda cloth.

PERSONAL STYLE : To know my personal style I started out finding my favourite clothes, my favourite designers, my favourite brands, my favourite genres and all my favourite things which express myself better. Usually clothing is our first impression to communicate with people without saying anything, when we don’t know a person, His or her clothing style says that which kinda person he or she is. In fashion style is ” The way an individual expresses themselves through aesthetic choices such as their clothing, accessories, hairstyles and the way they put an outfit together. “

Some people always wear fusion wear – indo western clothes, some wear ethnic, some people wear western clothes, Indians usually wear ethnic wear because they are cultural people, foreigners usually wear western clothes because they are modern people, People who wear indo western dresses are also modern people.

IMPORTANCE OF PERSONAL STYLE : but why should we need our own style of fashion??????? Why should we need to know more about ourselves. Actually the more we got to know about ourself, the more we become ourselves, it helps us to choose clothes instantly without following another people. Who influences and confuses us to buy every kinda clothes. As soon we understood our own fashion style, we get a clearity to buy clothes according to us, and look best in it. Which looks good in ourselves, which makes you feel more comfortable, which are good in quality which is good in every dimension. Personal style helps us to be ourself and expresses ourself via clothes, I. e : All cultural girls wear kurti, suit salwar, it is their personal style, all modern girls wear western dresses like – jumpsuit, onepiece etc. It is their personal style. Some girls usually behaves like boys, their body language is similar to boys. Wore clothes like boys – jeans, shirt, it is their personal style (townboy style).

HOW TO MAKE OUR OWN PERSONAL STYLE : now the question is, after knowing our own personality and style of clothing how can we develop our style of clothing and make our own personal fashion style.

Celebrity whom you adore : firstly admire those celebrity whom you adore most, whose personality is similar to yours. Find out their style, try to understand their personality, try to understand their favourite style of clothing, try to be adaptable to learn their dressing sense. If some celebrity looks similar to you and you think that he or she is different from your personality, try to follow and admire their fashion sense too.

Make a list of clothes (wishlist) : after knowing your favourite clothes, your favourite celebrities fashion style, make a wishlist of clothes. Stalk all online clothing websites & do a market survey, then compare all kinda clothes, do comparison between fabric quality, comparison between colours of clothes, comparison between design of all, then at last buy the best of it and apply this trick everytime, try to wear all those clothes in celebrity style.

Make a capsule wardrobe : to look good and different everyday you will need new clothes, quantity of clothes, variety of clothes, clothes for different moods, clothes for different looks, to look different and good every day you don’t need a bulk of clothes, you just need an easy and simple formulae, a capsule wardrobe for everyday. “A capsule wardrobe is a collection of shortlisted clothes, which you can match with any other cloth for awesome results”. Now what we need in our capsule wardrobe is – a black jeans or pant, white t shirt or top, a blue denim jacket. Some of these are also in our wardrobe. What we need to do is make a mix match of every cloth with another one and try this trick every time.

Try new look everyday and evaluate it : now we understood how to make a capsule wardrobe, it will help us to make a new look daily. To look different try to make hairstyle, try to change accessories, try to change dressing style daily. For good results make a look book.

1st look – White t-shirt or top , Black pant, pastel coloured socks, and white converse shoes.

2nd look white t – shirt or top , black pant, blue denim jacket, pastel coloured socks with white converse shoes.

3rd look white t – shirt or top , blue jeans, pastel coloured socks with white converse shoes.