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A Decade of Culinary Excellence: The Big F Awards by Pawan Soni Commemorates 10 Years of Honesty and Transparency

Published: July 10, 2023

Indian Food Freak is thrilled to announce the, highly anticipated, 10th edition of The Big F Awards, an esteemed culinary event that has become a beacon of integrity and recognition within the food industry. With a decade of success behind them, these awards have consistently upheld their unique principle of not imposing any financial burden on the nominees. This commitment includes a strict policy against nomination fees and charges for attending the glamorous awards ceremony.

L to R: Pawan Soni, Rakesh Sethi, Manjit Gill, Vir Sanghvi (shots from the last edition)

Since its inception in 2014, The Big F Awards have played a pivotal role in putting Gurgaon on the global culinary map. With a focus on celebrating both the experience of Eating Out for all Food Lovers and Cooking In for all Food Creators, these awards have encouraged the millennium citys love for food and propelled local talent to new heights.

The 10th edition of The Big F Awards recognizes individuals and establishments that have raised the bar in the culinary world. In a unique and transparent selection process, the awards maintain their prestige through either public voting or a jury system. Each esteemed jury member possesses a single vote, ensuring fairness and impartiality. The 10th edition of The Big F Awards, taking place on September 17th, 2023, will honor culinary excellence through a transparent process of public voting and a single-vote jury system, ensuring a fair and unbiased selection process.

The star-studded jury lineup includes renowned culinary experts Chef Ashish Bhasin, Diwan Gautam Anand, Chef Kunal Kapoor, Pawan Soni, Chef Nita Mehta, Chef Manisha Bhasin, Chef Rakesh Sethi, Rocky Singh, and Chef Saby Gorai. These experienced professionals meticulously and painstakingly visit each restaurant and savor the delectable creations before making their decisions. One of the distinguishing features of The Big F Awards is the element of surprise, as the winner remains undisclosed until the gala event. All the top five nominees are invited to the grand ceremony, where the much-anticipated results are unveiled.

Jury Members of The Big F Awards – Shot from the last edition

Pawan Soni, the gracious host of The Big F Awards, is thrilled to mark this significant milestone. He said, “We are extremely proud to celebrate the 10th year of The Big F Awards, showcasing the incredible talent and passion in Gurgaons culinary world. Our commitment to fairness and transparency remains unwavering, as we recognize the exceptional individuals and brands that make our food industry shine.”

About The Big F Awards

The Big F Awards, initiated in 2014, is a celebrated culinary event that recognizes excellence in the food industry. These awards have gained prominence for their honesty, transparency, and commitment to not imposing any financial burden on the nominees. With a decade of success, The Big F Awards have played a significant role in putting Gurgaon on the global culinary map.

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