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A collection for the Meta Avatars Store has been designed by Naomi Osaka in partnership with Meta.

Published: June 5, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Meta, in collaboration with tennis player and fashion enthusiast Naomi Osaka, has launched a collection of outfits that she designed for the Meta Avatars Store on Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and in virtual reality. Osaka drew her inspiration from various sources such as tennis, her Haitian and Japanese heritage, The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai, her media company Hana Kuma, and even her dog Butta, who was given a nod with paw prints and cozy joggers. The collection showcases the many facets of Naomi’s personal style, which she describes as eclectic, unpredictable yet stylishly comfortable.

Osaka, an avatar fashion designer, piqued interest in digital clothing by designing five outfits for her first foray into digital apparel. The collection will expand over time with more vibrant and eclectic looks. Every bold appearance showcased represents a facet of Osaka’s signature design philosophy. She expressed her enthusiasm for extracting trends from reality and transferring them to the virtual world. In a statement to the media, Osaka shared, “It was delightful to adapt real-world tendencies into the metaverse. Additionally, digital design enables me to explore and expand my creativity, pushing beyond conventional boundaries.” Osaka’s collection is thrilling because digital clothing is more
accessible than high-end fashion in the physical realm. According to Osaka, “To me, what’s most stimulating is how digital clothing is decidedly more achievable than luxury attire in reality. With digital fashion, I can dress up my avatar with whatever I fancy, offering immense freedom and flexibility to have fun and experiment with various styles and designs.” Thanks to digital fashion, avatars can explore different outfits without having to worry about the price tag.

In designing the collection, Naomi Osaka explored the numerous possibilities that digital fashion presents. With her unique design style, she crafted pieces inspired by her background, her interests, and her lifestyle. From tennis-inspired sets to streetwear-style jumpsuits, Osaka’s designs span various fashion categories. She also experimented with bold colors, playful prints, and oversized silhouettes.

Meta’s collaboration with Naomi Osaka is an innovative approach to fashion design, showcasing the possibilities of digital clothing. With digital apparel, avatars can experiment with different looks without the constraints of the physical world. The launch of Naomi Osaka’s collection is timely as the world transitions into a more virtual lifestyle as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As more people adapt to working from home and living in a virtual world, virtual clothing is becoming a significant industry. The collection is an invitation from Osaka and Meta to explore and experiment with digital fashion.

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