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73% of dyeing and coloration industry sees ‘learning while earning’ as essential to industry security

Published: June 24, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain

The Society of Dyers and Colorists (SDC), a longstanding provider of occupational education, released its annual education opinion report results today. In April 2024, 114 professionals from 25 different countries participated in the study.

Just 4.3% of the extremely informed sample disagreed that formal on-the-job training was valuable, while 73% of them agreed that their firms benefited from having a highly educated workforce.

Other key findings from the recent whitepaper report include:

An educated workforce is beneficial to a firm, according to 72.9% of respondents. 45.6% of respondents said that having additional technical education to support their abilities will help them perform better at work.
According to 61.4% of respondents, their company gives employees time in their schedules to pursue professional certifications.

“There’s no denying that more opportunities need to be offered to coloration professionals worldwide,” stated SDC technical director Andrew Filarowski. Furthermore, the vast majority of survey respondents agreed without reservation that more work has to be done to keep businesses from falling behind.

“Offering career pathways through education is a good route to encourage young people to join the industry, keep them motivated and develop the technical knowledge required for the future success and coloration. This was highlighted during the 2023 UK Coloration and Finishing Conference and can be applied globally.”

One of the 114 respondents to the study, Adrian Grzesiczek, director of SWS dyehouse in Indonesia, added, “Workplace education should be viewed in the same light as investment in capital equipment through a cost-benefit analysis.” Experience by itself is insufficient; we also need individuals who can think critically, generate ideas and solutions, and grasp the chemistry and processes involved.

“Adapting and developing is necessary in a constantly changing environment, and having a strong technical education is essential to that.”

Even if there are still a constant number of students enrolled in SDC’s online learning program, companies who want to maintain their leadership position in the field should consider investing in their employees’ technological advancement.
The SDC provides a variety of short courses, all of which are included on the organization’s Color Network, as well as the Foundation Textile Coloration Certificate, Textile Coloration Certificate, and the honors degree equivalent Associateship of the SDC leading to Chartered Colourist status.

Through the Future Dyers’ Fund, the Worshipful Company of Dyers provides financing assistance to UK enterprises for FTCC/TCC applicants, up to 60% of fees. The SDC also declared earlier this year that organizations involved in the dyeing and finishing industry will receive financial support through the establishment of the Maurice Tordoff Bursary program.

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