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Y2K (Year 2000) fashion experienced a notable shift toward maximalist styling. High fashion styling included using almost garish colours, textures, patterns, and surfaces. Who can forget the diva – Kareena Kapoor Khan – for her early fashion choices? She stood out from the crowd, and we still remember some of her classic styles from back then. It was her, followed by Miley Cyrus from ‘Hannah Montana.’ They are your fashion bible for Y2K fashion, which has returned over two decades later. Leather pieces, rhinestone shirts, low waist bottoms, and baby tees are all back in style, and every major fashion brand, including BoStreet, has included them in their current catalogues.

1) Cropped tanks: Back then, we saw baby tee outfits in practically all movies and TV shows. Choose a cropped tank in pastel lilac or cobalt blue and match it with wide-leg torn denim, chunky flats, a baguette, and a pair of retro sunglasses.

2) Short skirts:Mini skirts have been around for a long time, but they were a significant fad in 2000 and have recently gained popularity again. Both an A-line and a pencil fit are fantastic alternatives, but for an all-out Y2K inspo style, pick for checks in primary colours like blue or red and combine it with high boots, a little backpack, and a high ponytail.

3) Low waist bottoms:We were first introduced to this trend in Y2K and both boys and girls embraced it wholeheartedly. This trend since then has had its highs and lows and is back now. While the bottom’s waistline is a personal choice, it suits best on girls with skinny body types. Low waist boot cut denims, or wide legged bottoms with fitted tops, strappy heels & a baguette would make a perfect look for a casual day out.

4) Pink:This is the trickiest of all trends. Pulling off a bright hue is always challenging, but we did it in Y2K and we can do it now too! The best way to ace the pink look would be to style it or pair it with an extremely minimal or non starking color. Let your pink take all the attention and be the highlight of your look and keep the rest subdued all the way.