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Be it a face mask that our skin desperately needs or some harmless makeup to experiment with, beauty has always been stereotyped as a “feminine” practice. 

But if that was true, why are so many men growing to acknowledge the power of skincare, makeup and all things beauty?

The No-natural Makeup

Most male celebrities are comfortable with makeup as long as it looks “natural”. However, Aditya Roy Kapur did not shy away from diving deeper into the world of beauty. From the glitter eyeshadow to that glowy base, this makeup look is on point! 

Braided Hairstyle

If colouring your hair is not something you want to dabble with, this next hairstyle is perfect for you. PrateikBabbar is seen sporting some edgy braids here.You can try it out yourself or go to a professional for a look like this, regardless, it’s going to be worth the effort. 


Apart from lending us sartorial inspiration, Harry Styles also raised the stakes in the male beauty arena. 

Even he has taken unexpected risks and has been spotted flaunting bold manicures that featured eccentric designs or bright hues. If we have to put it simply, he is truly nails goals.